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Who is Brenda Crawford-Clark?

* Author of  "Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions"  (Beyond Words Publishing, 2001)

* National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist

* Former Florida Counselor of  the Year

* Has more than 15 years experience in the treatment field, acting as a director of hospital and outpatient programs and in private practice. Some of her specialties include: Eating Disorders, weight issues such as stress eating and compulsive overeating, post traumatic stress, trauma, physical and emotional abuse, working with families in conflict, troubled children, problem relationships, couples counseling and adoption. She works with children, teens and adults; hearing and deaf populations.
*Behavioral healthcare and corporate consultant

*Former reporter and Medical Editor of a metropolitan newspaper, reporter and Family Editor of a rural regional newspaper; freelance magazine writer.

* Masters in Public Health, specializing in health administration from the University of Oklahoma.

*Masters in Science specializing in Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

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Past loss and trauma can sabotage the most focused dieter. Learn how abuse, childhood bullying, miscarriages, abortion, financial loss, living in a fishbowl, an illness or accident, death, emotional battering, divorce and even loss of a dream can be connected to weight problems, from stress eating to eating disorderes.

Diet Solutions Can't Work

There's 167 million Americans trying a so-called solution, many have been trying it for years. Yet, losing weight is much more complex that following a restrictive diet and believing false promises. There are numerous connections to your weight that you may not have even considered. These include past lost and trauma, hypoglycemia, food allergies and sensitivities and the sophisticated action of neurotransmitters. Before you develop your own strategic eating plan, you'll want to explore all these components. Then, you can throw away the guilt and attain a healthy, long-lasting weight.

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Investing your money in diets is throwing it away. When you learn what causes your weight problem, then you'll be able to make some strategic choices to end these struggles.

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