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Body Sense's author, Brenda Crawford-Clark and the Kaleidoscope staff provide consultions and give numerous workshops and presentations across the country to corporate clients, professional and educational organizations, and parenting groups. If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a workshop in your area, e-mail us at Presentations can be developed for your specific group's unique needs.


Available Workshops and Training


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Available Workshops and Training

Sponsor a Relationship Retreat for your Company or Organization

Your team can develop an environment of growth and cooperation utilizing new techniques, knowledge and strategic planning. This experiential retreat combines an overview of power-packed strategies to enhance communication and problem solving skills with exercises that move a team toward a more unified relationship, as opposed to splinter groups. The pay-off comes in increased productivity, attitude and longevity.


Keynote Speaking

If you're looking for a motivational speaker for your next annual conference, you'll find an inspirational group of speakers available though Kaleidoscope Enterprises.

Power Strategies
Turn a sleepy organization into an action-oriented, high energy workplace where people actively share ideas, join the bandwagon to get projects done and face problems head-on.

Decrease Your Stress and Increase Your Productivity
This experiential workshop can be an effective tool for companies and organizations. Those attending will return to work with a tool chest of techniques and information that can immediately reduce their stress, change negative attitudes and result in a feeling of freedom and new energy. Best yet, because they'll experience many of the techniques firsthand during the workshop, they'll immediately see a reason to continue using the techniques not only in your organization, but at home, too. A decrease in tension at home can result in a much better attitude and improved productivity at work.

Ten Strategies to Decrease Conflict in the Workplace
Conflict in the workplace not only decreases productivity, but also can create a dangerous environment. Learn hands-on strategies to increase communication skills, improve problem-solving abilities, decrease the potential for angry flare-ups among employees and develop an environment of support. You'll also learn to face head-on hidden conflict that can keep a workplace in turmoil. The bottom line result should be happier employees who feel an increased ability to contribute to their organization.

Solution-Oriented Techniques for Change

Organization members will learn a system of change that they can put into place before the presentation is over. Participants will see immediate pay-offs not just in the workplace, but in their home, too! These techniques will provide an environment where attitudes can change dramatically, resulting in improved approaches to problem-solving, communication enhancement and increased productivity.
Some other recent presentation topics include:

Companies in Transition: Change as a Natural Order

How to Handle the People Side of Layoffs

Balancing Work and Home

Dieting is Not a Matter of Willpower

Diet is a Four-Letter Word

Body Sense: Balancing Your Weight and Emotions

Treating Eating Disorders With a Packed Tool Chest

Top Strategies to Improve Relationships at Home and Work

Couples Assertiveness

Parenting Strategies for Troubled Children

How to Have a Child Who Can Be***** (Happy, Safe, Assertive, etc. See our web series.)

Red Flag Relationships -- Get Outta Town

Many other topics are available. Let us know what you need. If we can't provide it, maybe we can refer you to someone who can.



The Kaleidoscope staff and Brenda Crawford-Clark are available for corporate and individual consultations. Some of the areas available include the following:
Team assessments.
If your team is dragging or you find yourself spending more energy in crisis management than in productive use of your time, you'll want to discuss an onsite assessment from professionals who can objectively look at strengths and weaknesses among the team, with particular focus on the areas of communication, problem solving, responsibility, attitude and productivity. You'll learn how those same people who appear to be continually rescuing the organization from a crisis can also be the people who lead you into one; how to end a passive aggressive approach to problem solving and teach staff to become solution focused; ways to identify the most effective method to communicate with different people; how to increase empathy and productivity and observe how helping people make positive changes about how they think about themselves, tasks and co-workers can substantially increase your organization's potential of reaching goals. The assessment is geared toward each company's need and budget, and can include strategic workshops that can implement an attitude of positive change within your system.
Behavioral healthcare
, including program development, accreditation preparation, policy and procedure development to meet accreditation standards, critical analysis, team building, on-site training and supervision.

Internet media consulting, development of a web presence, online courses, continuing education, consultation in the development of a streaming video program, web marketing plans.


Presentation Schedule

Please note, attendance at the presentation may be limited by the organization. Individual company presentations are not listed.

The Southern Deaf Showcase, Sept. 21-22, Clearwater, Fl.
American Mental Health Counselors Association, July 26-28, Chicago. Body Sense: New Links to Promote Lasting Healing for Weight and Body Issues from Stress Eating to Eating Disorders.
Texas Counseling Association, Nov. 16th, Dallas, Texas. Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions With New Techniques and Insights.


Remember, workshops and training can be individualized to meet your organization's needs. Contact for additional information.


What Others Are Saying

Here's what participants at the New Jersey Counselors Association's Annual Meeting said about a recent presentation.

Excellent depth of presentation

Very Comprehensive and Informative

Friendly Presentation Style

Prizes were Fun!

Handouts and Overheads Were Very Good

Bring her Back!


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