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I Must Be Married to an Alien
Did you wake up one morning and discover an alien had replaced the personality of the person you married? Learn action-packed techniques to improve your marriage and decrease conflict. This is the first in a series of articles to improve your relationships.

Improving Your Relationship
You'll benefit from this dynamic online course whether your goal is to ease the tension and enhance communication and intimacy, or if you just want to make a good relationship even better. Enroll today!


Ask Brenda
Why does my wife change her moods so quickly over things we can't control?
We all like to have control in our life. See Brenda's answer for some hidden links to mood changes. Do you want to ask Brenda a question? Ask your question below.
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Stopping the Fight
You won't solve any problems until you get out of the fight. Try these suggestions to start solving marriage problems instead of making them worse.


You Can Wait Too Long to Get Help for a Troubled Marriage
Prevent divorce by taking care of these 5 essential components to save a troubled marriage.
Getting to Know Your Partner
These are the things folks who are happily married for years talk about. Try this communication exercise with your partner!
Love Coupons to Improve Your Relationship
Want more intimacy, more communication? Try these today.


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