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What If I Think My Child Has Been Abused?
Here's a step-by-step approach to facing that overwhelming fear. You'll learn what to say to your child, and how to get your child the help he or she needs.

Raising A Child Who Can
Be Happy! Get a free preview of our Raising a Child Who Can Online Course. It starts with fun and practical suggestions to help your child grow up to be a happy person with an optimistic outlook on life. You'll learn concrete ways to provide a life-long base for your child's confidence.

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Problems getting ready for school?
Maybe you're taking too much responsibilty. Learn how to let go and change your child's behavior.
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How To Know If Your Child Is In Trouble
Learn the signs of sexual and physical abuse and you'll know how and when to get help for your child.

Teach You Child To Handle Dissapointments
If you try to protect your child from all the world's hurts, he'll grow up to be a dependent, needy adult without ammunition to tackle the problems in life.
Strategies to Help Your Child and Improve Your Parenting
Improve your parenting skills, reduce stress at home and provide your child with an environment where he can learn to accept responsibilities, problem-solve and feel good about himself. Take our Improving Your Parenting Course.



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