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Help Your Child Be Responsible, Happy and Face Life's Tough Problems
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Help Your Child Be Responsible, Happy and Face Life's Tough Problems
Your child faces more dramatic and life-threatening struggles than you did. Every day he is bombarded by warnings about strangers and terrorists, making it easy to believe that he can not be safe. TV pushes the morals and beliefs of others into your living room and no parent can be naive enough to think that their child is totally protected from that -- even with home TV restrictions. Your child faces problems of bullying, crowded classrooms exposure to drugs and alcohol at younger ages. They live in a tough world, but for everything wrong there are many things right -- including a group of parents determined to give their child the tools to not only become independent adults, but to make our world a better place. This online course has been written because you as a parent, play such a crucial role in nurturing your child's self-esteem and influencing who he'll become in life.

Brenda Crawford-Clark, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, provides you with realistic tools you can immediately put to use.
You'll get techniques to help your child:
  • Face down peer pressure
  • Walk through disappointments (One of the biggest problems with young adults is they have been sheltered from disappointments by their parents and feel incapable of dealing with them, or aghast that life has happened to them.)
  • Learn how to give themselves reality checks and positive talkback to combat bouts of poor self-esteem or gossip attacks from other children.
  • Become effective with assertiveness, versus agression.
  • Problem-solve, increasing his independence
  • Increase responsibility
  • Become more organized
  • How to be happy
  • Become more confident and self-assured
  • Be Safe

Description of Classes You'll Receive

Focus on Solutions
This class will parents and grandparents tackle some difficult problems with simple, direct methods. You'll get the latest, most effective methods to solve today's troubles.

Tipsheets and Family Exercises

You'll get a combination of carefully developed tip sheets used by this award-winning family therapist, plus successfully used exercises that you can use with your child to bring about improvements.

Your Children Will Blossom
These strategies are as essential to your child becoming a responsible, happy adult as giving him a roof over his head. To make your child prosper, he'll need your attention and skills as he goes through difficult growing-up challenges.

Combine this course with a second parenting course for an even more confident approach to parenting. Our second course will help you end homework problems, struggles over chores and talking back, show you how to protect your child when trauma strikes and set boundaries and responsibilities with your children that change as they get older.

Get a discount if you sign up for Improving Your Parenting Online Course with Raising a Child Who Can Online Course!

Two Levels of Participation to Choose From!
You have your choice of two levels of involvement. The Silver Level will provide you with 10 weeks of an educational series filled with information, suggestions and exercises to bring a long-lasting change in your home. Each week you'll notice how your participation has begun to influence your children's behaviors and increase a healthy closeness with your child. The Gold Level provides additional support fine-tuned to any unique questions you might have. As a Gold Level participant, you receive the 10 weeks of classes, plus you are provided with up to four e-mail coaching sessions during the course. Sign up today and you'll begin to see changes that can make your home life more enjoyable and ease your parenting worries.

If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed in our series, please submit it by clicking here. These courses are designed for parents, so we'd like to hear from you. If you're a participant in our online course and we use your suggestion, you'll receive a free online copy of the educational session that we develop as a result of your suggestion. Remember, you have to be first with a suggestion that is later incorporated into this online course to receive this free offer.

Silver Online Course $15
Your cost for the Silver Course, which includes 10 weeks of classes filled with expert advice, exercises and solutions is only $15. That's about $1.50 for each class written by a professional who specializes in children and families. That's a positive investment in your future.

Bonus! Silver Course With Body Sense $28
Order this course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $48. Shipping and handling is free for a limited time with this special offer.

Silver Top Value!
Buy the Silver Online Raising a Child Who Can Online Course with the Silver Value Improving Your Parenting Online Course. Only $53 when ordered together.

Body Sense
You'll find Body Sense provides a comprehensive handbook of insight, information and therapist-tested tools that will help with teaching your family to express feelings, identify and meet needs, learn assertiveness techniques and resolve conflict. It will be especially helpful if you have had losses or trauma in your past that might be interfering with your parenting. Though the title refers to weight issues, it is particularly helpful if you grew up in a troubled home or have patterns in your life that you find unhealthy or interfere with your goals. You can learn healthy ways to talk to yourself, increase your ability to teach your children how to communicate effectively and to set boundaries. Take advantage of this special today and receive a discounted price when you purchase it with the course. If you'd like to purchase just Body Sense, you have an opportunity to do that below, too.

Gold Online Course $30
Your cost for the Gold Course, which not only includes the 10 weeks of classes but also up to 4 personal coaching opportunities via e-mail, is only $30. The Gold Course gives you an opportunity to get suggestions focused on your unique parenting needs! If you use all four e-mail opportunities, you'll be gaining the expertise of a coach for less than $8 each time.
Gold Top Value $85
Purchase the Gold Raising a Child Who Can Online Course with the Gold Improving Your Parenting Course for only $85 and you'll getdouble the consultations, 8 e-mail consultations! You won't find that bargain with professional coaching elsewhere.

Bonus Offer! Gold Course With Body Sense $43
For a short time only, you can also buy Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions with the course discounted from our regular $14.95 price and we'll pay the shipping and handling!

Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions $14.95

How to Order by Check or Credit Cards
Online, just click on the order buttons to pay by check or credit cards. You can also mail your check or money order to Kaleidoscope Enterprises at the following address. Make sure you note what book or online course you are ordering. Thank you.
Important! If don't receive an email response within three days, please email Brenda@ForgetAboutDiets.Com. We want to make sure you receive your course in a timely manner.

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Please see our online service agreement. This is an educational online course and your participation does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you need help from a therapist, seek help from your local Crisis Line.