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Take the Stress Out of Parenting
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Take the Stress Out of Parenting
There is no harder job in the world than being a good parent. Today, more so than ever before, you have cultural influences that have a substantial impact on how your child thinks and behaves. This course helps you develop new skills and understanding that can decrease conflict at home and school, increase effective problem-solving skills and enhance your child's self esteem. When you accomplish that, you'll find your worries will diminish substantially and your time with your children will become more playful and fun. Whether you're a new parent or the parent of teens, you'll find answers to what can seem like overwhelming problems as you progress through this online course. Written by Brenda Crawford-Clark, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, this Improving Your Parenting Skills course provides therapist-tested solutions that make both parents and children feel like winners.

Description of Classes You'll Receive

Solution-Oriented Family Problem Solving
This class will help the entire family identify healthy, effective ways to communicate their needs and express their feelings. You'll learn to throw out communication patterns that reinforce problems instead of solving them. Everyone will benefit from discarding ways of thinking that are discouraging and replacing them with encouraging words and actions that will shape how you feel and what you do to solve problems.

Family-Tested Ways to Avoid Control Battles

If your family spends more time in conflict than enjoying each other, you'll want to share this class with everyone. Control comes in all shapes and sizes and when misused, can leave you feeling resentful, trapped and angry. It can also result in temper tantrums and acting out behaviors. The perception of having no control can contribute to the development of eating disorders. This class will give you tools to develop a strategic problem solving plan that allows you to set healthy limits as a parent, yet develop a system where a child is given more opportunities to gain control in his or her life as the child gets older and is able to demonstrate increased abilities to handle responsibilities.

Decrease Your Stress and Increase Your Child's Sense of Responsibility by
Using Natural Consequences
When Your Child Makes Mistakes or Misbehaves
Have you ever noticed your child continues to do something that you don't want him to do? This class provides must-know techniques to turn the responsibility for a child's behavior over to the child, as it is age appropriate. It also takes out the anger from discipline and results in long-term changes. When you complete this class, you and your child will have laid the groundwork for less stress and more responsible behavior.

If You Want Kids to Listen
This class will help you master the art of communicating with your child, even if he's a Teen Type Person! The author shares with you years of experience in helping parents and teens enhance their relationship during a time when it has become socially acceptable to be distant from your parents and not communicate. You'll want to pay careful attention to this class, because it will help you move to a different level of parenting.

Secrets to Successfully Stopping Temper Tantrums, from 2 to 24
No one likes the aftereffects of a temper tantrum, not the parent or the child. Learn from young experts what propels them into that behavior, how they feel and their purpose. Then, with tips from a family therapist you'll be able to tackle that major family disruption, confident that you're not only obtaining more family peace, but also addressing the often hidden needs of the out of control child.

If You Don't Want to be Asked to Solve Your Kids Problems When They're 40, Get Rid of Parent Guilt Today! Set Boundaries and Increase Respect With These Tactics.
Learn therapist-tested tips to set boundaries with your children and increase an environment of respect and appropriate responsibilities. You'll be teaching your children self-efficiency, how to handle disappointments and how to get their needs met most effectively.

Why Do Kids Smart Back?
Discover essential elements that help you and your child identify what purpose misbehaviors are serving, and how to replace the misbehavior with more effective ways to meet your needs. This class will not only decrease your struggles, but help you break through walls to get closer to a child whose misbehavior has become the focus of your relationship.

Protecting Your Child From Our Culture
You won't always be with your child, but there are ways to build a safer emotional and physical environment that will help your child fight battles of peer pressure, school, drinking and drug use and sexual pressures. You'll learn to identify danger signs related to outside influences. You'll also get formulas to help your child internalize these safeguards and practice vignettes to reinforce what you've learned.

Throw Out Bad Grades and Homework Struggles!
You and your child will want to work together on this class to bounce back from negative school experiences. You'll both learn how to stop fighting over homework; how to teach your child the best approaches to get help from caring teachers and how to handle personality conflicts with teachers; ways your child can decrease homework and classroom stress and more. The techniques learned in this session will help your child face head-on other difficult learning experiences in life.

Parents Being Parents
Sometimes your children can be very convincing when they want you to okay something, or buy them something. Their job description includes manipulation and maneuvering to get their way. However much you'd like to make them happy, setting reasonable boundaries may be just what they are really asking for when they're testing the limits. Learn how to identify and decrease your children's manipulations, and increase their acceptance of reasonable limits during this strategy-filled class.

Two Levels of Participation to Choose From!
You have your choice of two levels of involvement. The Silver Level will provide you with 10 weeks of an educational series filled with information, suggestions and exercises to bring a long-lasting change in your home. Each week you'll notice how your participation has begun to influence your children's behaviors and increase a healthy closeness with your child. The Gold Level provides additional support fine-tuned to any unique questions you might have. As a Gold Level participant, you receive the 10 weeks of classes, plus you are provided with up to four e-mail coaching sessions during the course. Sign up today and you'll begin to see changes that can make your home life more enjoyable and ease your parenting worries.

If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed in our series, please submit it by clicking here. These courses are designed for parents, so we'd like to hear from you. If you're a participant in our online course and we use your suggestion, you'll receive a free online copy of the educational session that we develop as a result of your suggestion. Remember, you have to be first with a suggestion that is later incorporated into this online course to receive this free offer.

Silver Online Course $45
Your cost for the Silver Course, which includes 10 weeks of classes filled with expert advice, exercises and solutions is only $45. That's about $4 per class! That's a positive investment in your future.

Bonus! Silver Course With Body Sense $58
Order this course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $48. Shipping and handling is free for a limited time with this special offer.

Body Sense
You'll find Body Sense provides a comprehensive handbook of insight, information and therapist-tested tools that will help with teaching your family to express feelings, identify and meet needs, learn assertiveness techniques and resolve conflict. It will be especially helpful if you have had losses or trauma in your past that might be interfering with your parenting. Though the title refers to weight issues, it is particularly helpful if you grew up in a troubled home or have patterns in your life that you find unhealthy or interfere with your goals. You can learn healthy ways to talk to yourself, increase your ability to teach your children how to communicate effectively and to set boundaries. Take advantage of this special today and receive a discounted price when you purchase it with the course. If you'd like to purchase just Body Sense, you have an opportunity to do that below, too.

Gold Online Course $65
Your cost for the Gold Course, which not only includes the 10 weeks of classes but also up to 4 personal coaching opportunities via e-mail, is only $65. The Gold Course gives you an opportunity to get suggestions focused on your unique parenting needs! If you use all four e-mail opportunities, you'll be gaining the expertise of a coach for less than $9 each time.

Bonus Offer! Gold Course With Body Sense $78
For a short time only, you can also buy Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions with the course discounted from our regular $14.95 price to only $13 and we'll pay the shipping and handling!

Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions $14.95

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Online, just click on the order buttons to pay by check or credit cards. You can also mail your check or money order to Kaleidoscope Enterprises at the following address. Make sure you note what book or online course you are ordering. Thank you.

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Please see our online service agreement. This is an educational online course and your participation does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you need help from a therapist, seek help from your local Crisis Line.