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Does your marriage or relationship need a jump-start? Are you concerned that you're headed for trouble if you don't stop and make some positive changes right now? This Improving Your Relationship online course will provide you with insight and techniques that can enhance your relationships. You'll benefit from the insight and techniques of a family therapist as you learn new ways to communicate, solve problems and enjoy your partner. You have a sizeable investment of time and emotional energy in your partnership, doesn't it make sense that you would now invest in making it an enjoyable relationship that will sustain life's stress. Join our 10-week course today and you can begin to see the difference right away!

Descriptions of Classes that Can Increase Closeness and Decrease Conflict
Choose from Two Levels of Participation
How You Can Purchase the 10-Week Improving Your Relationship Course

Class Descriptions
Are You Talking to a Brick Wall?

If you think nothing you say is getting through, you'll benefit from learning essential elements of reaching your partner. In this class you'll learn to throw out strategies that aren't working and enhance your communication to make that necessary connection that will improve your relationship.

Get Out of A Fight and into Effective Problem Solving
One of the biggest problems couples have in marriage counseling is they have difficulty getting out of a fight. Learn a solution-oriented approach to stop the chaos and begin mending a troubled relationship.

Beef up Encouragement vs. Discouragement You Give and Get From Your Partner
Sometimes we get lost in what we have to do, and forget to give a marriage or partnership the nurturing and attention it needs with time, action and words. This class will give you straight advice on switching from a discouraging mode that will only hurt your relationship to an encouraging mode that will set up an environment of more trust and acceptance.

Romance Doesn't Start in the Bedroom. Improve Your Intimacy Quotient
If you think intimacy has disappeared from your relationship or that your sex life has fallen on troubled times, don't despair. This class will give you specific ways to bounce back from the doldrums or what may have become a distant relationship. Learn how to become closer to your partner using the techniques in this class.

Strategies to Cut Down Gripe Lists
Are you tired of the pressure from your partner and don't know what to do? Would you like to spend more time enjoying each other and less time complaining about each other, work or your children? You'll experience new freedom when you learn to set limits on the gripe lists and take on solution-oriented approaches to problem solving, as well as focusing on what is important to you in life.

How Relationship Friendly Would You Be Rated?

You know your relationship isn't exactly what you had dreamed, but do you know if you're contributing to it not reaching your goals? This insider's look will help you focus on actions and thinking within yourself that contribute or take away from the potential of a loving, close and supportive relationship. The best thing about your Relationship IQ is that you have total control to make these changes. None are dependent upon your partner's actions.

Couples Assertiveness Decreases Useless Fights
Some couples fight all the time, yet never solve any problems. Others are afraid to discuss any conflict, because they are afraid it would cause more problems. Both methods erode a relationship and eventually could contribute to a break-up. Utilizing techniques you'll learn from a family therapist, this class gives you specific methods to voice your opinions, express differences and problem-solve.

Is the Past Interfering in Your Relationships?
If your relationship is floundering, there may be aspects of experiences in your past that are interfering. Learn how to identify these and actions you can take to remove them from the middle of your partnership. Some of those influences may include the following: Childhood physical, sexual or emotional abuse; illness or accidents; trauma; death or abandonment by a loved one; growing up in an alcoholic, drug addicted or emotionally unstable home; growing up with a perception you are not good enough, can't make mistakes and must be perfect; past relationships; divorces and much more.

Tactical Approaches to Decreasing Relationship Stress
Many times the complaints couples have about each other seem small, but actions or inaction of a partner is interpreted as disrespectful and not caring. Straight talk from a family therapist will help you not only identify approaches to solving conflicts, but ways to address the far more serious issues of feeling disrespected and not cared about. Learn how to ease that strain in your relationship, before it develops into a major marriage conflict.

Two Levels of Participation to Choose From!
You have your choice of two levels of involvement. The Silver Level will provide you with 10 weeks of an educational series filled with information, suggestions and exercises to bring a long-lasting change in your home. Each week you'll notice how your participation has begun to influence your children's behaviors and increase a healthy closeness with your child. The Gold Level provides additional support fine-tuned to any unique questions you might have. As a Gold Level participant, you receive the 10 weeks of classes, plus you are provided with up to four e-mail coaching sessions during the course. Sign up today and you'll begin to see changes that can make your home life more enjoyable and ease your parenting worries.

If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed in our series, please submit it by clicking here. These courses are designed for parents, so we'd like to hear from you. If you're a participant in our online course and we use your suggestion, you'll receive a free online copy of the educational session that we develop as a result of your suggestion. Remember, you have to be first with a suggestion that is later incorporated into this online course to receive this free offer.

You Can Purchase this Course Two Ways!
You can also purchase the course via credit card by clicking the button, or by mailing your check or money order to Kaleidoscope Enterprises, PO Box 46458, Tampa, Fl. 33647. Include your e-mail address and indicate which online course you are purchasing.

Silver Course
Your cost for the Silver Course, which includes 10 weeks of classes filled with expert advice, exercises and solutions is only $45. That's close to $4 per class! That's a positive investment in your future.

Bonus! Silver Course With Body Sense
Order this online course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $58, shipping and handling is free with this special offer for a limited time.

Body Sense will play an important role to anyone who has a history of troubled relationships, trauma or loss, or pattern of unhealthy communication and boundary problems. You'll find Body Sense provides a comprehensive handbook of insight, information and therapist-tested tools that will help you learn to express feelings, identify and meet needs, learn assertiveness techniques and resolve conflict. It will be especially helpful if you have had losses or trauma in your past that might be interfering with your relationships. Take advantage of this special today!

Gold Course
Your cost for the Gold Course, which not only includes the 10 weeks of classes but also up to 4 personal coaching opportunities via e-mail, is only $70. The Gold Course gives you an opportunity to get suggestions focused on your unique relationship needs! If you use all four e-mail opportunities, you'll be gaining the expertise of a coach for less than $9 each time.

Bonus! Gold Course with Body Sense
For a short time only, you can also buy Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions with the course discounted from our regular $14.95 price to only $13 and we'll pay the shipping and handling!
Bonus! Order this online course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $83. Shipping and handling is free with this offer for a limited time.

Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions $14.95.

Mail Orders
You can also order by sending your check or money order to:
Kaleidoscope Enterprises
PO Box 46458, Tampa, Fl. 33647

Please remember to include your address, e-mail address and the name of the course or book you are ordering. Thank you.

Please see our online service agreement. This is an educational online course and your participation does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you need help from a therapist, seek help from your local Crisis Line.