Five Techniques to Improve Your Life Today!
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Here's some tips that will help you feel better by the end of the day. Just think how you'd feel if you adopt these as a way of life.

1. Toss it back. Next time someone tries to make you feel responsible for something they did, envision that they are tossing you a beach ball full of lead and expect you to hold it forever. Instead, picture yourself gently throwing it back, and with the ball place the person back in the position of being responsible for his or her actions. You'd be surprised at how much weight that will lift off your shoulders.

2. Just say no. If you are worn out from doing, try saying no today to other's requests. Give yourself time to consider whether or not you want to do something. Don't let guilt lead your decision.

3. Retire from trying to change others. Instead of thinking why don't they ever change, think about changing the only person you have control over. Yourself! You'd be surprised at how much freedom that will give you, and how much lower your frustration is. You'll stop throwing your energy into trying to accomplish something that you can't.

4. Give yourself encouragement instead of discouragement. Take note every time you give yourself a discouraging word today. By day's end you can see how those messages can stack up. Each time, practice changing how you think about yourself.


5. Take a break. Are you envious when smoker's leave the office periodically, while you continue to sit at your desk and pile on the work? Don't take up smoking, but take up the breaks.  When's the last time you sat and listened to the bird's songs, or noticed the rich hues in nature?


Copyright Brenda Crawford-Clark