Forget About Diets Online Course is a must-have guide to ending your problems with weight, from stress eating
to eating disorders.
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Who Can Benefit from this Course?
Ten Classes Filled with New, Innovative Techniques and Strategies to End Weight Battles
Two Levels of Participation to Choose From
Here's How to Purchase the Forget About Diets Online Course

Who Can Benefit From This Course?
Are you tired of diets that don't work to keep your weight off?
Would you like to feel better about yourself and not have to obsess about what you eat?
Are you ready to throw out out every low-fat, no-carb tastes worthless diet?

Then, you're ready for the Forget About Diets online course. It will challenge your old beliefs about weight and provide you with the latest information and tools to finally put your weight struggles aside.You'll learn effective strategies to end the no-win dieting rollercoaster and the truth about hidden connections that play a big part in your weight. Using the book Body Sense as a companion learning tool, you'll receive the benefit of expert instruction and guidance from the author, Brenda Crawford-Clark. If you choose, you can even receive e-mail coaching from the author, who has more than 15 years experience in helping people let go of weight problems, from stress eating to eating disorders. This class will be helpful whether you suffer from the effects of stress eating, compulsive overeating, restricting food when under stress, anorexia or bulimia.

Here's Ten Classes That Give You Must-Have Techniques and Insight to End Your Diet Struggles, Toss out Guilt and Change The Way You Think About Yourself

Losing Weight Has Never Been About Willpower
You've known in your heart that there must be more to losing weight than dieting, but you haven't had the information or tools to tackle your weight problems with ammunition that works. In this class you'll be analyzing your unique history to understand why diets can't work alone. Then you'll be given tools to take charge and stop the pattern of failed diets and self-blame. Exercises can help you define some overlooked links to your food use which will help you toss out guilt and focus your energy on these techniques that actually can work.

Taking the Power from Hidden Connections That Drive Food Use

If you've been treating a weight problem with a diet, it has been like treating the flu by cutting off your leg. Diets will never work alone. In this class you'll discover connections that are often over-looked, even by the experts. Then, you'll begin to disconnect from these unhealthy anchors and reach not only a healthy weight range, but also achieve more self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.

Take Charge of Emotional Eating

It is no surprise to you that your eating and weight is connected to emotions. Yet, what do you do with that information? This class will help you investigate that link in detail, then begin to decrease your eating to meet an emotional need. Throughout the Forget About Diet classes, you will continue to learn how to obtain healthier replacements.

Stop the Cycle That Perpetuates Your Unhappiness With How You Look

You will learn how to intervene on predictable cycles that reinforce your destructive eating patterns and unhappiness with your weight.You'll get tools to chart your personal cycle and power exercises to change it. You'll also learn how dieting alone can perpetuate the cycle.

Taking the Power from Triggers to Destructive Eating

It is usually not hunger that triggers you to eat. This class will provide you with a power-base to end the often overlooked triggers to using food, whether the triggers drive you to eat, not eat or bulimic behaviors. The same triggers can drive you to compulsive spending and negative relationships. This class will provide information that could impact your life positively in many ways!.

Challenge Messages That Will Cause You to Be Unhappy With Your Weight and Yourself
Did you know what you say to yourself, or messages that others have given you, can contribute as much or more to your weight gain than your favorite food? The pay-off to this class is that you not only will have the tools to end messages that can lead you immediately into destructive eating, but also you'll feel more peace. You'll be surprised at how much control you have in stopping this very destructive part of the cycle that perpetuates your feeling unhappy about your weight.

Attack Core Feelings to Get In Control of Your Eating

If you have had long-term weight struggles, you have probably kept hidden deep feelings that you either don't want to acknowledge or don't even know exist. This class will help you identify these core feelings, their important links to past experiences and tools to disconnect from their power to drive your food use and contribute to feeling unhappy, or not satisfied with yourself.

Discover The Influence of Neurotransmitters and Body Chemistry on Your Weight
Working through weight issues involves so much more than dieting! This class will give you the latest research on how your body's chemistry and neurogransmitter messengers impact your cravings, your eating certain foods and your over-all stress level. You'll learn healthy options to work with your body, instead of against it.

Toss Out Guilt and Crazy Diets With a Plan of Eating That Meets Your Unique Needs
Now that you've challenged your old beliefs about weight and replaced them with a better understanding of yourself, you're ready to choose a way of eating that doesn't make you feel deprived. You also won't feel guilty or that you're bad when you eat foods you enjoy.

Celebrate Your Changes
Now that you've taken some essential steps to challenging your old beliefs about weight, you've probably also made some positive changes about how you feel about yourself. Too often we neglect the reinforcement of the positive within ourselves. This class will help you celebrate yourself and continue your journey to self-discovery.

Two Levels of Participation to Choose From!
You have your choice of two levels of involvement. The Silver Level will provide you with a 10 week educational series filled with information, suggestions and exercises to bring a long-lasting change in your life. Each week you'll notice how your participation has begun to influence how you think about yourself, and ultimately how your work in the course and in Body Sense can be the basis for your achieving a lifestyle where your feelings are not dictated by the scales. The Gold Level provides additional support fine-tuned to any unique questions you might have. As a Gold Level participant, you receive the 10 weeks of classes, plus you are provided with up to four e-mail coaching sessions during the course. Sign up today and you'll begin to see changes that can make your home life more enjoyable and ease your parenting worries. Both levels include an autographed copy of Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions!

If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed in our series, please submit it by clicking here. These courses are designed for parents, so we'd like to hear from you. If you're a participant in our online course and we use your suggestion, you'll receive a free online copy of the educational session that we develop as a result of your suggestion. Remember, you have to be first with a suggestion that is later incorporated into this online course to receive this free offer.

You Can Purchase this Course Two Ways!
Within a few weeks, you'll be able to use a credit card to purchase online. If you'd like us to e-mail you when that service becomes available, please send a note to with the words online course as the subject. We're sorry for the inconvenience. You can also purchase the course by mailing your check or money order to Kaleidoscope Enterprises, PO Box 46458, Tampa, Fl. 33647. Include your address, e-mail address and indicate which online course you are purchasing.

Your cost for the Silver Course, which includes 10 weeks of classes filled with expert advice, exercises and solutions is only $65. That's less than $5.50 per class and includes your autographed copy of Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions! That's a positive investment in your future.

Your cost for the Gold Course, which not only includes the 10 weeks of classes but also up to 4 personal coaching opportunities via e-mail, and your personal autographed copy of Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions is only $85. The Gold Course gives you an opportunity to get suggestions focused on your unique parenting needs! If you use all four e-mail opportunities, you'll be gaining the expertise of a coach for $5 each time.

If you'd like to buy Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions, it is only $14.95! We'll pay the shipping and handling within the United States. You'll find Body Sense provides a comprehensive handbook of insight, information and therapist-tested tools that will also help you learn to express feelings, identify and meet needs, learn assertiveness techniques and resolve conflict. It will be especially helpful if you have had losses or trauma in your past that might be interfering with your relationships. Take advantage of this special today!

Silver Course $65
Bonus! Order this online course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $65, shipping and handling is free with this special offer for a limited time.

Gold Course $85
Bonus! Order this online course with Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions for only $85. Shipping and handling is free with this offer for a limited time.

Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions $14.95.

Send your check or money order to:
Kaleidoscope Enterprises
PO Box 46458, Tampa, Fl. 33647
Please remember to include your address, e-mail address and the name of the course or book you are ordering. Thank you.

Please see our online service agreement. This is an educational online course and your participation does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you need help from a therapist, seek help from your local Crisis Line.