Therapist-Tested Techniques Provide Hope and an Action-Packed Stragetic Plan to Face Down Your Eating Disorder
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If you have an eating disorder, you don't have to be discouraged. Using the techniques you'll learn in Body Sense, you'll be able to understand how the eating disorder began and what you need to do to stop its interference in your life.

Do I Want To Give Up My Eating Disorder?

That's a tough decision to make, isn't it? For many, giving up the eating disorder is like giving up a best friend. It is dependable. And even though a part of you fears it is getting out of control, another part wants to keep it close as a measure of safety. However, eating disorders are progressive diseases. You really can't afford to hold onto them for security because they can effect you not only emotionally, but physically, too. When you make the decision to once again take charge of your life by facing down the eating disorder, you'll also want to get a physician involved as a partner.

What Really Works?
Even if you have tried to get help for your eating disorder, you know there have been many different theories about what works. Some treat it as an addiction, some try behavior modification. What you'll find within the pages of Body Sense and in the accompanying Forget About Diets Online Course is a treatment approach that has helped many people put down their weight concerns, from stress eating all the way to bulimia, anorexia and compulsive overeating. It is also helpful for those who may restrict their eating when under stress, or those who binge eat. The same techniques apply. You just analyze and integrate them as they relate to your own history and lifestyle. You'll probably want to find a therapist who utilizes the approach described in Body Sense. Unlike most others, it integrates multiple components of what goes into the development and sustainment of an eating disorder. You'll explore the hidden connections, identify your forgotten losses and learn how to let them go. You'll learn new ways to identify your needs, express yourself and increase your assertiveness. Your overall confidence will improve as you throw out the myths and self-blame related to eating disorders and move forward with your life. There's the most recent information about how neurotransmitters within your body impact your cravings for food, and your desires to restrict food. In the final chapters, you'll examine the various physical impacts on eating, from hypoglycemia, to food sensitivities and allergies. You'll be offered information on several different food plans and asked to develop your own unique strategy of eating, integrating what you have learned about yourself emotionally as well as physically. It will be in your hands.

Eliminate Guilt and Get the Power to Make Positive Personal Changes!
Body Sense takes away the guilt and gives you a powerful tool to stop the eating disorder and move forward with your life, enhanced with new knowledge about yourself and ways to improve important relationships. You'll find our online course a helpful addition to use, either while you're reading the book or as a follow-up. Once you've read this book, you'll also have a good idea of what to look for when selecting a therapist near you, to give you additional help.

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