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Body Sense Balancing Your Weight and Emotions provides one-stop shopping if you have suffered through failed diets followed by self-blame and guilt. It removes the question of willpower, and gives hands-on techniques to change your life.

This book gives you a comprehensive package of information, tools and hope. A therapist writes it with more than 15 years experience in working with these issues. Through research and listening to her clients, the author has developed understanding and compassion for these struggles – which is reflected in her work and in the composite of personal stories from others who have utilized her tools. The exercises are therapist and client-tested. The book packs a powerful punch because it provides you with something you can quickly relate to, and hands-on-experiences that will shatter feelings of guilt and frustration.

This compassionate, informative book draws you out of the isolation of failure and examines over-looked reasons weight remains a non-ending source of pain, despite years of futile diet attempts. Problem-solving methods, shared experiences and an overview of various causes will quickly differentiate this book from others by instilling empathy and providing immediate tools for change. If your weight interferes with how you live your life, this book can provide you with a realistic road map to take control.

It helps you connect to the core of what sabotages your weight. Stopping self-destructive battles with the scales is not as simple as managing calories and reducing fats. This book explores pain, patterns and actions that reinforce the cycle of diets, frustration and depression. .

Body Sense  introduces the author’s concept that diets are often sabotaged by overwhelming core feelings linked to the past.  These feelings flashbacks can significantly impact your sense of self and drive you to utilize food as a coping mechanism. Body Sense also provides anecdotes to illustrate this, as well as therapist-tested techniques to stop the intrusion of these overwhelming feelings. The book does not just tell you eating is connected to feelings, but shows you how to examine the purpose of feelings and develop alternative ways to cope today.

You'll also learn how your body chemicals, allergies, food sensitivities and hypoglycemia can affect your use of  food. You'll develop your own eating strategies based on your lifestyle and not guilt.  Body Sense is for you if you're looking for a long-term solution to your unhappiness about your weight. You'll also learn how to feel better and more confident in other aspects of your life, from improving your satisfaction with work to enhancing your most important relationships.

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