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Tired of Dietsáá

"I've been on hundreds of diets and gained all the weight back. Never did I realize that there were so many other things that were causing my weight problems. I just blamed it all on myself. I'd go crazy trying to stay on a new diet, lose some weight and then something would happen and I would gain it back. Of course, I always felt guilty and hopeless about it. When I read Body Sense, it finally made sense why I could not keep the weight off.á It gave me a way out. I started getting rid of my guilt when I read the stories about others in the same boat. Then, as I began working the exercises I noticed a change. The pounds didn't come off as fast as they did with my diets, but they have come off steadily and stayed off. Most important, I am much happier with myself, more self-confident in so many other areas of my life. Body Sense is not just another diet book. It has given me information I never had, and tools to make changes that will benefit me for a long time."ááá MaryLee*áááá(*Her name has been changed to protect her confidentiality.)á

Fitness Trainer

"Finally there is a book that gives people ammunition to keep their weight off," said Ty Womack, a fitness trainer. "Many people I've worked with are highly motivated and have the best intentions, but they often have something that stops them from continuing the program they helped design and bought into," he added. "I know it's not a lack of willpower," he added. Body Sense clearly points out how their emotions, especially feelings tied to the past, can hit them like a brick wall. Suggesting that my clients work the exercises in that book while following a physical exercise program has made all the difference in the world. They're staying with their fitness program long after they stop working with me, because they've made changes within that are long-lasting."


Mary, LMHC, agrees that problems with weight often can not be solved with just a diet or exercise program "and certainly not with a magic pill," she added. Body Sense makes an important contribution not only to the average person struggling with their weight, but also to professionals.á Doctors and therapists need to realize that people are not overweight because they want to be and their inability to lose weight is not because they are lazy or haven't tried. It is not so easy as just changing behaviors or telling yourself not to eat. This book puts several different reasons that weight issues develop on the table.á It provides compassion and hope in an area where many people have become frustrated and depressed.á It is the first book I have seen that gets to the deepest issues that keep a weight problem alive," she added.

Frequent Dieter

"I was surprised when I read this book that the author really understood what I have been going through," commented Irene B., a 44-year-old professional.á "I didn't feel guilty to be reaching for some potato chips after I put the book down. Instead, it made me stop and think whether or not I was hungry, or was I reaching for chips to push down some emotional feeling. I've just always felt so guilty because I never could stick to a diet. This book told me why those diets never worked. I felt so relieved and hopeful. My life has begun to change, just since I started working the exercises."á

Recovering from an Eating Disorder
"I have had an eating disorder of some kind for years. I started out when I was a kid, hoarding food. Then I went through a stage of not eating, trying to lose as much weight as I could but never being happy with how low it would go. Then, when my family began pressuring so much about my weight, I began to eat but also tried to control the weight gain by throwing up. It got to the point where my obsession just about consumed me. It was even kind of intimidating for me to pick up a book named Body Sense. But when I looked inside, I discovered myself. I never guessed my eating disorder had started because of what had happened to me long ago. I just kept trying to put that out of my mind, but in Body Sense I realized I never let it go -- it was pushing me from inside and I kept trying to cover it up with what I was doing to my body. The connection between feelings flashbacks and me starting to cycle back into another purge was amazing.á I was so relieved. I wasn't crazy. My life finally made sense and this gave me a way to do something about it. It wasn't easy. But, I did find a therapist and a doctor to help me (and asked that they both read that book!) I'm finally on my way."áááááá (Name withheld due to confidentiality request.)

Mike, a Workaholic

Mike T. writes that he can not relate to using food, but he too found himself in the stories. "I have never had a weight problem, but instead of reaching for food to stop my feelings I have always tried to be the best at everything--non stop. When I was a kid I was studying all the time, always on the go. Now I'm an adult and I'm at work 60 hours a week. I never see my family. Reading Body Sense has helped me understand that I was doing the same thing as the others, just substituting work for food. It kept me from slowing down and acknowledging what I was feeling. I guess I was afraid, down deep. My father was an alcoholic, and some of that pain never went away. I wanted to believe it didn't have any consequences on me, just because I don't drink. Now, I've gone back and started to reread the book, this time working the exercises as I go. The payoff's been big at my house because my family has already noticed the change. More time at home, more time talking and I'm just overall less stressed. I hope that others like me pick up the book, even if they don't have a problem with their weight."

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